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Here are some of my favorite posts and those that have resonated with readers. Browse by category if you wish. Happy reading!


Adventures in Immersion

Use Your Words: Confessions of a Part-Time Parent

Embracing the Absurd

LIFE. On reckoning with culture differences, disenchantment, and saying goodbye.

french people tell me what to do

sweet goodbyes

not a french girl

embracing the absurd


TRAVEL. Things that made me say “wow!” and “huh.”

humble pie in lemon land

all lit up: la fête des lumières

rainy colors: a weekend in Strasbourg

sleeping with strangers

shades of blue: falling for gorges du verdon


TWENTIES. The rollercoaster thrills of figuring out life in your twenties.

bordeaux: à la foire

neon future: thoughts on life in the liminal stage

less-than-thrilled: when you don’t want your dream


TEACHING. I don’t know what I’m doing. Please don’t tell the students.

the goldfish bowl

the real world: an honest account of teaching abroad, 5 months in

in which I ‘faire des bêtises’


SOUTH OF FRANCE. Year 2. Stories from Cannes and elsewhere.

mediterranean magic: a walk around monaco

bon vivant on a budget, or, how to be broke in Cannes

eye candy: a guide to Menton


MONTLUÇON. Misadventures in the porte-clef to the Auvergne, my temporary home.

bowling with the homies

war & peace & confetti

there are snails in the salad: adventures in renting