gypsy jazz

A lazy Saturday afternoon, some gypsy jazz, and flowing champagne. Taylor and I stand in la Chope des Puces, a tiny, ancient jazz club in Saint-Ouen in Paris’s 18th arrondissement. We are crammed against the wooden bar, standing-room only. The bar isn’t packed but it’s tiny, and several families and couples have already claimed the tables and are enjoying late lunches or glasses of wine. … Continue reading gypsy jazz

put that in your book

That’s going in my memoir.  When I feel I’m playing a starring role in an indie comedy about someone with terrible luck, I do two things. First, I try to laugh at myself. If that fails, I remember something Mary told me, Nora Ephron’s philosophy: everything is copy. No experience is wasted if it becomes material. Combining the coping tactics of humor and inspiration, I developed … Continue reading put that in your book

there are snails in the salad: adventures in renting

  In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and lettuce.  Had Benjamin Franklin rented from Monsieur C, his famous line might have looked a little different. I can rarely foresee what challenges life in France will throw at me, but I am always confident there will be lettuce in the fridge. It all started with a simple question. One day … Continue reading there are snails in the salad: adventures in renting