how to swallow a frog

Speaking Italian is like trying to swallow a frog. Not in a bad way. It’s just new. A formidable challenge for my English, French-ified brain. The unfamiliar rolled r’s and smooth vowels might leap from my mouth at any moment. The nasal ‘u’ I’ve spent so long perfecting in French, the guttural ‘r’ I’m proud of– all of it has to go. My Italian tutor has … Continue reading how to swallow a frog

mediterranean magic: a walk around monaco

Monaco sparkles. That is my first impression, both times I’ve visited. Passing from the dark train tunnel and into the light, I see a scrubbed-clean city, feel the sun on my shoulders, and hear the many proud flags whipping in the breeze, the red and white color block stark against the blue sky. These are, of course, the impressions of a mere visitor to this independent … Continue reading mediterranean magic: a walk around monaco

the tourists, i

I wondered if people would look at anything. So I took Nothing, its inverse, and I put it high on a pedestal. I made half-hearted signs, no photos, please, and I waited. And they came, hordes: wandering, stuffed, eager to gobble more– not beauty, but what then? They pointed cameras at Nothing, and snapped snapped snapped. They threw peace signs and held ice cream cones and … Continue reading the tourists, i

neon future: thoughts on life in the liminal stage

Hello from the other side of the ocean. I’m back in Columbia, Missouri, beloved little college town, experiencing less culture shock than I expected to. There was the initial whoa of the Baltimore airport: large people clutching super-large fountain drinks, families dressed in matching tee-shirts, the informality with which strangers spoke to each other. But it’s not exactly difficult to acclimate myself to all this comfort, a lifestyle … Continue reading neon future: thoughts on life in the liminal stage