daily bread: a confession

It didn’t go well for Jean Valjean. You remember. Sentenced to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family. Served a total of nineteen years (after a couple of escape attempts complicated things). You don’t steal bread in France. You’d think I’d know better. In all honesty, I hadn’t dabbled in petty crime since the Great Coloring Book Theft of 1999. Of … Continue reading daily bread: a confession

put that in your book

That’s going in my memoir.  When I feel I’m playing a starring role in an indie comedy about someone with terrible luck, I do two things. First, I try to laugh at myself. If that fails, I remember something Mary told me, Nora Ephron’s philosophy: everything is copy. No experience is wasted if it becomes material. Combining the coping tactics of humor and inspiration, I developed … Continue reading put that in your book

in which I ‘faire des bêtises’

It’s weird to put myself in a new category: teacher, the mysterious breed that one is always shocked to see in a public place. Recently I spent the whole day in town, working on lessons and then meeting Mary for dinner and drinks. I had my laptop and a stack of books, my hair in a bun. I glimpsed my reflection on the way into … Continue reading in which I ‘faire des bêtises’