balcony, equality, fraternity

In France, we’ve been observing le confinement for over five weeks. The first few days felt pre-apocalyptic in their uncertainty, with raided stores and raging rumors. We added a few bags of potatoes and the ubiquitous dried beans to our already well-stocked pantry. Uneasy, we wondered if we needed more–crates of bottled water, a tank full of gas.  The whiff of survivalism seems silly now. Those … Continue reading balcony, equality, fraternity

the tourists, i

I wondered if people would look at anything. So I took Nothing, its inverse, and I put it high on a pedestal. I made half-hearted signs, no photos, please, and I waited. And they came, hordes: wandering, stuffed, eager to gobble more– not beauty, but what then? They pointed cameras at Nothing, and snapped snapped snapped. They threw peace signs and held ice cream cones and … Continue reading the tourists, i